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Pomegranate – Punica Granatum

Pomegranate health benefits

Pomegranate from ancient times is considered the fruit of fertility and good luck, and it is no accidental characterization. As we mention in the pomegranate’s harvest and collection, the fruit is rich in vitamins and is considered a great superfood.

Consumption of pomegranate juice prevents and slows down many forms of cancer, such as breast, prostate or skin cancer.

The properties of the pomegranate are numerous and many of them rare. It is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, and acts as a healing agent, and is therefore very useful in abrasions and injuries.

It stimulates our body’s immune system due to high levels of vitamin C, while in cases of cold or asthma it has very good antitussive and astringent properties. Its juice is also very effective for various gum diseases while also strengthening and protecting the teeth.

One of the most important and best known properties of the pomegranate is the beneficial effect it has on our heart and blood. It normalizes blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, good and bad, supports the production of healthy red blood cells, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Generally it acts as a tonic of the heart, cleanses the blood, helps in better blood circulation and the functioning of the cardiovascular system and prevents arteriosclerosis.

Other pomegranate properties are the protection from brain damage and the prevention of eye diseases due to its high vitamin A content. It is very effective in treating symptoms during menopause and also improves erectile function in men and increases fertility in both sexes. It is considered very good tonic and detoxifying.

Other uses of pomegranate are related to the protection and in some cases the curing of our internal organs: It heals from chronic diarrhea and dysentery and generally normalizes our digestive system. Protects the kidneys from toxins and cleans them, while offering rare protection to the liver and helping to regenerate it.

Pomegranate helps regulate blood sugar, thereby improving body sensitivity to insulin and factors that affect metabolic syndrome. It therefore protects against obesity and can help in weight loss. Finally, consuming pomegranate, either the fruit or its juice, offers spiritual clarity.

There are no side effects and precautions in use, unless there is an allergy to the fruit. Consumption as in all foods and herbs, needs measure.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of pomegranate and the nutritional value of pomegranate!

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