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Sunflower cultivation and harvesting

Sunflower nutritional value

Sunflower is a beautiful plant, which is not among the herbs, but contains very important nutrients for the human body, as well as therapeutic uses.

It is known for the seed of the flower, which are very popular, and its applications are many and varied: food for poultry and cattle, as fuel (dried stems), an important source of potassium carbonate for manure to improve the soil and nourishment for bees. The ash from the sunflower heads and empty seed heads are ideal for soil enrichment!

The common sunflower countries of origin are Mexico and Peru, while in the same family belong to 50 species. It is an annual plant, with hard fluffy body and head that follows the course of the sun, while the flowers are small and numerous inside the head.

Sunflower oil is considered very nutritious, it has sweet flavor and is used in soap making, waxwork, even in painting. It is preferred for frying because it is not easily destroyed by high temperatures.

Cultivation is easy, but it should not be planted in the same ground two years consecutive. The end of April is the best season for planting, while the collection of the seeds depends on whether the climate is warm! If the seeds are not detached from the head easily, they are not ready for harvest.

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