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Ginger in our cosmetics

ginger in cosmetics

In addition to its healing properties, ginger is ideal for the treatment of male alopecia and extensive female hair loss. It is believed that the use of ginger essential oil dissolved in oil base, stimulates healthy hair growth and at the same time protects the hair follicle.

The drops of essential oil do not necessarily have to be added to massage oil. They can be easily added to your shampoo for easier use, as long as it is carefully and properly mixed. The ginger shampoo offers shine and toning to the hair.

The tonic properties of ginger, as well as its rejuvenating properties, make it mainly the basis in recent years for many cosmetics such as body creams, shower gels, shampoos, etc. Although ginger protects against free radicals and is a very good antioxidant, it is not yet widely used for facial care. However, its heating effect helps to fight cellulite.

Given its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, ginger can also be used safely for skin inflammations and the treatment of painful acne that does not subside.

Read more about the healing properties of ginger and the nutritional value of ginger!

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