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Vine – Vitis Vinifera

Grapes have long been considered a fruit with great nutritional value. The leaves of the vine had a special meaning, as a symbol, from the ancient greek banquets to the Dionysian mysteries.

Both the fruits and the seeds of the vine have a strong anti-cancer effect. Consumption of grapes stimulates vital organs, prevents diseases mainly related to the cardiovascular system and has a detoxifying effect.

Both the fruit and the leaves of the vine have analgesic properties that are beneficial in times of severe headache. The antipyretic and diuretic properties of grapes help in cases of persistent fever. In combination with the analgesic properties, the anti-inflammatory properties of the vine help in small wounds and abrasions.

It is important to mention that the vine is particularly beneficial in skin diseases. Mainly as a poultice, it helps to remove annoying symptoms and protects the skin.

Its diuretic properties help prevent kidney stones, as well as the elimination of kidney stones.

The most well-known property of grapes, mainly red, is the prevention and protection it offers to the heart from diseases, mainly due to its anticoagulant properties.

Among the healing properties of the vine, we must mention the beneficial properties of the wine, a derivative of the vine.

Wine, either white or red, increases good cholesterol, protecting blood vessels, while preventing the oxidation of bad cholesterol. It has strong antioxidant and anti-cancer effects, protecting the body from free radicals. Red wine has a stronger antioxidant effect than white.

Consumption of wine helps the proper functioning of the nervous system, as well as the cardiovascular and digestive systems, while regulating metabolism. The main supply is in the cardiovascular, protecting the heart from dangers and normalizing blood circulation.

Special attention is needed, both in the trade grapes and in the wines. Many times the results are controversial and the side effects are many due to the chemicals used in the creation of the wines but also in the development of the vineyards. Wine, despite its beneficial properties, can cause negative side effects after overconsumption. Consumption must be in moderation so that it can offer our body its nutritional and healing properties.

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