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Cistus a unique herb for cosmetic use!

Cistus skin benefits

Cistus, herb unique for its properties, is one of the most important medicinal plants of the Greek countryside. The uses both for therapeutic purposes and for cosmetic, are known since ancient times, while it has unlimited applications!

The significant content of cistus in vitamins E & C and polyphenols which are contained in large proportions, make it an important herb to detoxify the body and consequently the skin. It destroys free radicals that contribute to premature aging and strengthens the defenses of the body.

An ointment with essential oil of cistus, will relieve many skin diseases, itching, irritation and acne, and contributes significantly to the elimination of old and new scars as it renews cells. People who suffer from fungal infections, worth trying oils of their choice, enriched with cistus essential oil, as it not only protects against infections but cures fungi effectively.

In the face and body skin, cistus offers healthy and fresh appearance, while it has a powerful anti-aging effect. Cistus already finds application in many cosmetic creams and serums. This herb only tones the skin, but also provides a strong contour tightening. Ideal for mature skin is both the infusion and the oil.

Its use is also important in shampoos as it strengthens the hair follicle and prevents hair loss.

You will meet cistus in aromatic oils, ideal for relaxation and stimulation, while the aroma is widely used in perfumery, as it is a stable perfume base and has wonderful, warm scent for men and women.


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