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Collecting Oregano

Oregano nutritional value

The oregano is a native, perennial and aromatic herb of Greece and one of the most important herbs we use daily. It has a trunk woody and its branches are thin. It is a short bush with fluffy and oval leaves. Flowers, depending on the variety, are white or pink. The flowers of the Greek oregano are white.

The best time to collect oregano is during the flowering period, in July and August, and of course in the early morning hours. Oregano, amongst other ingredients, contains tannins, sterols, essential oils, thymol, flavonoids and carvacrol.

The parts of the herb that are useful and contain most of the healing and cosmetic properties, are the aerial parts, leaves and tops. The way of drying oregano is very important for the herb to keep its properties. The traditional way is to cut the branches to a height of about 20 cm and then tie them in thin bunches. Then, in a shady place, let them hanging upside down. The drying duration is about 15 days.

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