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Comfrey cosmetic uses

consuelda usos cosmeticos

Comfrey, is one of the herbs known for the great medicinal properties, it also has many unique cosmetic applications, although it is not widespread for this purpose.

Among the ingredients contained in comfrey, is allantoin, which is known for its healing and regenerative properties. This herb has valuable anti-aging properties, while at the same time its use is considered ideal for treating both acne and scars left by difficult acne or pimples.

Ideal for sensitive skin!

People with sensitive skin, prone to acne, dilated pores and redness, can see a great difference with the use of comfrey in their cosmetics. The use can be as a tincture or infusion in cold cream, poultice as a mask 2 times a week, or even beeswax ointment with essential oil. The ointment is ideal for use by people who have acne.

It is believed that comfrey as a poultice relieves varicose veins and additionally treats the appearance. If used only as a poultrice, without any other treatment, it has no visible results. It is important to note that comfrey is one of the rare herbs that treat the symptoms of psoriasis. The best form for the treatment of psoriasis is in oil, which creates a protective film on the skin while healing and reducing itching due to its emollient action.

Note that we should not overdo it in consumption, we do not use it internally without a doctor’s supervision and we do not apply it to wounds that have not been previously disinfected.

Read more about the healing properties of comfrey and the nutritional value of comfrey!

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