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Dittany – Οriganum Dictamnus

dittany health benefits

Dictamo, also called Dittany of Crete, is a rare herb, adored from ancient times, which grows mainly in Greece in xeric lands. In this herb are attributed many healing properties, so it is mainly considered medicinal.

This Greek herb, is indicated for maintaining healthy digestive function and for treating diseases of the stomach and intestines. It is considered stimulant of the digestive system, while the anticonvulsant properties of Dictamo, make it especially soothing in cases of colic and stomach pain.

The mild analgesic action of the herb, is beneficial in cases of headaches and toothaches, for the relief of symptoms. The infusion of Dictamo, except the use to prevent headache, is also used for neuralgia, nervous headaches and migraines.

It is considered that the dictamo relieves pains of rheumatism and arthritis. The internal use (drinkable form) tincture or infusion, stimulates the cardiovascular function, preventing circulatory problems and diseases related to the heart.

Due to the healing and antiseptic properties, which are recognized since ancient times, the dictamo can be used for wound healing and helps prevent infections. The use may be in the form of ointment, poultice, even a simple infusion.

In Dictamo are also attributed aphrodisiac properties, and it is widely used as emmenagogue in cases of amenorrhea or gynecological diseases, particularly of the uterus.

The use of infusion of Dictamo, helps in cases of colds and flu, relieving the symptoms, while stimulating the immune system and prevents colds by weakness of the body. Generally, the dictamo prevents exhaustion of the body, fighting the weakness and offering rejuvenation.

It has been reported that it has antidiabetic activity with partial regulation of insulin production in the body, and that the infusion of the herb, offers protection from diseases of the liver.

It is important to emphasize that the use of Dictamo by pregnant women is prohibitive, as well as every herb that is considered emmenagogue. Any emmenagogue herb is at the same time, an abortifacient.

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