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Ginger, Collection and nutritional value

Ginger, is an evergreen plant native to Asia and more specifically India. In recent years, it is also cultivated in Europe, mainly in areas with fertile and rich soils.

The part of the plant that is collected for use in cooking, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, but also for distilling essential oil, is the root. The ginger root must not have been collected before the tenth month of life in order to be used effectively.

Ginger is an herb with large lanceolate leaves, white to yellow flowers and roots typically thick, smooth and fragrant. Another feature of ginger is that it does not produce fruit. The taste of the root is intensely hot and dry. Its use is widespread since antiquity in China, Japan and India where it is the place of origin.

Among the traces of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, the percentage of vitamin E and the high percentage of manganese contained in ginger, as well as fiber, stands out.

Read more about ginger’s cosmetic uses and ginger’s healing properties!

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