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Cucumber – Cucumis Sativus

Cucumber, in addition to the high nutritional value mentioned in the collection of cucumber, provides some healing and protective properties valuable to our body.

Starting from the digestive system, cucumber helps in better and faster digestion of food, while promoting healthy bowel function, as it treats constipation. Its soothing action relieves heartburn and gastritis, while its use is safe and beneficial in cases of ulcers.

Consumption of cucumber helps to eliminate toxins both due to the fiber it contains, as well as due to its strong diuretic action and high water content. At the same time, its action is beneficial for the kidneys, as it provides anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that relieve kidney and bladder diseases, thus enhancing the healthy function of the kidneys and promoting urination.

In external use, it soothes and relieves pain, swelling and inflammation due to burns, skin irritations and bruises. At the same time, its pulp offers all the vitamins and nutrients to the damaged skin that is placed as a poultice.

In addition, the consumption of cucumber and its use topically, protects the bones and teeth, relieving and strengthening the joints, helps maintain blood pressure at normal levels, while also helping to reduce hypertension. Cucumber is a food that should be included in the diet of people with diabetes, as it helps in the synthesis of insulin by the body.

Cucumber is good to eat with the peel, as most of the fiber and most of its vitamins are contained in the peel. In any case, choose cucumbers from crops that you know have grown with as little fertilizer and good quality water as possible.

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