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Rosehip – Rosa Canina

The rosehip, a beautiful and native plant in Greece, which in addition to the great cosmetic properties it has, also offers a wide range of therapeutic actions as an herb in the human body.

A very useful property of this plant is the strengthening of the immune system. It not only protects the body from colds and infections, but also speeds up recovery. People who suffer from lethargy and exhaustion, especially during periods when the weather changes and weakens the body, can drink a decoction of wild rose, as it is rich in vitamin C. Due to its high content of vitamin C, it is considered a powerful anticorrosive.

The decoction of the fruit of the wild rose, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, protecting against respiratory infections, while gradually restoring and treating respiratory dysfunction.

Regarding the digestive system, wild rose is particularly beneficial on an overall level, relieving both cases of chronic constipation and cases of diarrhea. Relieves stomach and intestinal colic, while the antiseptic and diuretic effect of rosehip decoction, protects against diseases of the kidneys and bladder. Stomach upset, indigestion, heartburn and anorexia are effectively treated with the use of rosehip. People who suffer from sand or kidney stones can use its decoction without fear.

Psychologically and spiritually, wild rose belongs to the sedative herbs. Its use is indicated in cases of weakening of the nervous system, insomnia, while at the same time it is a mild natural antidepressant. Both its decoction and its essential oil in an aromatherapy device or massage oils, are natural aphrodisiacs and stimulate the weakened memory.

In external use, in addition to its cosmetic properties, the rosehip is ideal for the treatment of inflammation of the oral cavity, pharynx and larynx, with washes and gargles, while it effectively treats inflammation and irritation of the eyes and eyelids. The use of wild rose is also considered to improve eyesight.

Wild rose has a very pleasant taste, making it easy to include in daily consumption. People who suffer from fluid retention will see improvement while lowering uric acid levels. The use of the herb balances the female hormones and consequently the irregular cycle.

It is worth emphasizing that the rosehip is an herb that provides nutrition to the body due to the content of its fruit in many vitamins.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of rosehip and the nutritional value of rosehip!

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