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Herbs for healthy, intense tan!

Herbs for safe summer tan

The secret to intense tan that will last, lies in three factors! The first is a healthy diet with herbs and vegetables rich in vitamins, the second is a safe exposure in the afternoon sun, and the third is frequent body scrubs!

The afternoon sun gives sweet tan without discolorations and burns from sudden exposure, while the afternoon after 6 the use of sunscreen is not necessary, thus offering deep tan and proper production of vitamin D to protect the bones.

Nutritionally, the most important components for successful tan are riboflavin (B2) and vitamin A. Both riboflavin, and vitamin A are of the components that you will meet more to be used in cosmetology as they significantly contribute to increasing melanin production. Of course, the result of increased melanin production is important not only for a nice tan, but mostly because melanin is the defense of the body against UV radiation.

There are many spices, herbs, nuts, fruits and vegetables that you will meet with high or low content, so we will quote you many in order to choose what you prefer.

Vitamin B2 Sources: pomegranate, almond, sesame seeds (including tahini), whole wheat, fig, grape, pine nuts, ginseng, aloe, cucumber, nettle, fenugreek, purslane, dandelion, sea buckthorn, cinnamon, coriander, and best sources paprika and dried peppers.

Vitamin A Sources: melon, carrot, sweet potato, purslane, fenugreek, sea buckthorn, ginseng, saffron, sage, cistus, calendula, epilobium, celery, cucumber, aloe vera, wild rose, nettle, fig, dandelion, cinnamon, grape, pomegranate, rosemary, dried basil, dried apricots, marjoram, peaches, spinach.

The sources of vitamin A are more, as the fat-soluble vitamins are not destroyed as easily as water soluble. Most fruits and herbs that we mention are rich in vitamins B2 and A, and contain more vitamins and minerals! No need for excessive consumption, it is sufficient to add them to your daily diet, either by cooking or by replacing a quick snack, with dried fruits, nuts or cereals!

Happy holidays with safe tan!

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