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Honeysuckle – Lonicera Japonica

αγιοκλημα θεραπευτικες ιδιοτητες

Honeysuckle, is a widespread ornamental herb that provides very specific therapeutic properties, particularly useful of course for our body.

The most common kind of honeysuckle, which we will meet in Europe, is L. Caprifolia, while known for their therapeutic properties are mainly the L. Periclymenum and L. Japonica.

Honeysuckle is mainly used to treat minor disorders of the respiratory system, providing relief to asthma and heavy coughing. In Chinese medicine it is considered important detoxifier of the body and relieves from fever and headache.

Since ancient times, honeysuckle has been used to treat asthma, but also problems associated with the spleen, as it is a mild detoxifier of the spleen and the liver and is a mild diuretic.

The soothing effect of honeysuckle, makes it ideal for headaches, sore throat, persistent dry cough and productive as it is an expectorant herb. In combination with its anti-inflammatory action, honeysuckle can provide relief and faster recovery from influenza and colds. The anti-inflammatory activity protects against bacteria, viruses and body infections.

It is a refreshing plant, so in cases of dehydration and thirst, it relieves immediately. While one property of honeysuckle that is not often mentioned, is the maintenance of blood sugar in normal levels.

Use the infusion of honeysuckle for inflammations of the gums, toothache and why not? Natural teeth whitening.

Keep in mind, that for therapeutic purposes, the kind Periclymenum is ideal for cough and detoxification of the urinary and digestive system, and the type Japonica as a potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, protects and treats flu, cold and fever. Both types of honeysuckle, are spasmolytic, facing persistent cough.

Use flowers closed or open and shoots, In order to make a decoction, an infusion or a tincture for therapeutic use. Add honeysuckle oil or honeysuckle essential oil in a diffuser or massage oil for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Never use the fruit of honeysuckle as it is toxic! While the consumption is risky during pregnancy! During pregnancy it is safe to use essential oil in a diffuser, as the aroma calms and acts against nausea.


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