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Black Pepper – Piper Nigrum

Black pepper is not by chance the king of spices, known since antiquity with a variety of colors in the trade, which in fact are not different fruits, but the same in different stages of development and different processing! But why is pepper such a special spice with properties that would be envied by herbs?

Pepper has a long list of healing properties, and nutrients that protect our body. Its anti-inflammatory action, positive effect on flatulence, bloating and indigestion are known properties that have made it a popular spice since antiquity.

In relation to the heart and the cardiovascular system, pepper has a beneficial effect, regulating the heart rate and blood pressure, while at the same time contributing to the creation of healthy red blood cells and the better circulation of oxygen in the blood. Regular consumption of pepper keeps the arteries clean, lowering cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the chances of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Of course, an important factor is the high content of pepper in minerals and trace elements that regulate fluids in our body, up to the pH of our body.

The detoxifying effect of pepper eliminates toxins from the body, while reducing uric acid levels by relieving and protecting against arthritis and rheumatism. Its action protects against free radicals and of course from the formation of cancer cells.

Of course we can not leave out of the list the important contribution to the digestive system, which as we mentioned is known since antiquity. Pepper increases the gastrointestinal secretions of enzymes, thus greatly facilitating the process of digestion. At the same time, it reduces the formation of gas, the feeling of bloating, while it functions in a larger amount as a very mild laxative, cleansing the digestive system without side effects or irritations and relieving and healing any irritations of the walls of the digestive system.

Ideal for the respiratory system, pepper relieves productive cough, irritating the respiratory tract so that the body eliminates mucus more easily. In case of cold, it relieves nasal congestion, while in combination with its antibacterial action it fights germs and viruses.

Through its sweating and diuretic action, pepper detoxifies the body, cleanses the skin’s pores by eliminating harmful substances and treating fluid retention, and reducing uric acid and fat levels in the body. As a result, it contributes significantly to weight loss, better metabolism and better physical condition.

Another property of great value is the anti-aging action of pepper, as it delays the aging of important organs such as reduced vision, macular degeneration, muscle weakening, nerve disorders, memory loss and skin aging.

With its strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, pepper relieves infections, irritations and bleeding gums, while protecting against tooth decay.

We must not forget the pepper oil, which with its heating action relieves muscle aches, cramps and injuries. It has the same effect in cases of rheumatism and arthritic pain as its anti-inflammatory action with the heating action, improve blood circulation to the affected areas and reduce pain and inflammation.

Note that whole pepper is by far a better choice than grated, retaining its properties for years until it is ground in the mill, unlike grated pepper which can retain its properties for a few months.
Pepper oil, like pepper, goes well with lemon, lavender, sage, fennel, coriander, ginger and cloves in both essential oil and cooking!

People with digestive ulcers, colitis, people suffering from reflux should pay close attention to consumption. Excessive consumption can cause irritation of the digestive system, burning sensation, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating. Of course, keep it away from the nose and eyes so that you do not sneeze and in case you are allergic do not try it!

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