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Purslane – ingredients and where to find

purslane nutritional value

Purslane is a delicious summer herb, which we see in many salads. Native to Europe, and especially in the Mediterranean, purslane appear near springs or regularly watered territories, so you’ll meet it in many summer gardens!

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Synergy, love between herbs

What is the synergy among herbs

Like people, so the herbs are developing “sympathies” and matches between them, where the successful combination, more than doubles the beneficial effects for our body.

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Healing herbal wines

Delicious healthy herbal wines

The wine was praised for its beneficial properties since ancient times in Greece. In ancient Greece wine had a great therapeutic use, so in this article, wine will be linked to the therapeutic and aromatic herbs and how to blend them successfully!

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Honeysuckle ingredients and collection

Honeysuckle nutritional value

Honeysuckle is a beautiful ornamental climbing plant, which you will see both in mountain areas and coastal depending on the species. It may not belong to the herbs, but it has many therapeutic and cosmetic applications. In the same family there are more than 180 species, while the majority are native to China.

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Fig Tree – Ficus Carica

Fig health benefits

The figs are not considered herbs, but are very popular mainly for their nutritional value and their antioxidant activity. It is therefore an ideal food for weak or anemic bodies. They offer a great variety of vitamins and are energizing and very tasty!

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