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Coconut oil, How much does it benefit our skin?

Coconut oil is known for its many uses in cosmetology, while its perfume is loved by many. But did you know that by buying (preferably edible) coconut oil, you are covering a huge range of everyday uses?

Below we list the applications of coconut oil for which you can safely consume daily.

Coconut oil is used in cooking in many countries abroad, as a healthier oil, as it is considered to lower cholesterol, while promoting the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland. This oil also increases metabolism, thus contributing significantly to a weight loss diet, stimulates the immune system and gives an energy boost! You can add it for flavor and energy to your drink, even in a natural juice or smoothie.

Even for your pet, it is useful for protecting the digestive system, gives valuable vitamins to your dog or cat and gives shine to their hair. Applying it on a cracked nose or soles moisturizes and soothes your pet, while the taste drives them crazy!

Let’s see now how many beneficial uses for the skin and hair coconut oil offers:

Coconut oil, in relation to the skin, offers endless options. It is a natural moisturizer, protects from the harmful rays of the sun and is a natural mild anti-aging. So you can add it to vegetable body butter for extra hydration, moisturizing body scrub and massage oil with essential oils. Its enhanced emollient and moisturizing action is suitable for chapped heels and elbows, sore nose, chapped lips, and even irritations or skin diseases. Its use in freckles works in addition to their natural elimination.

You can have it as a natural low protection sunscreen without essential oils of course, while you can also use it as an oil for removing make up without injuring the skin. A tablespoon in your bathtub, offers a moisturizing bath, as it penetrates the pores. Try it in combination with essential oils of your choice.

Massaging the eyes with coconut oil, fights dark circles and bags, smoothes fine expression wrinkles, while strengthening your lashes. Applying it to the nails protects them from breaking and peeling. While for new or expectant mothers, coconut oil is genuine, protects against stretch marks, as it offers hydration and elasticity to the skin, and is ideal for protecting your baby from irritation.

For your hair, coconut oil can be used hot as a strengthening and moisturizing treatment, protects against split ends and hair breakage, while massages fight dandruff. Regular use of a minimal amount, treats frizz and helps in the easier hairstyle, as it works as a natural conditioner.

For the lovers of natural cosmetics: those of you who are already trying to make your own cosmetics with natural ingredients, try recipes with coconut oil that will amaze you! You can use it for homemade deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm, soap, mascara and eyeliner. It is not only the moisturizing, nourishing and emollient factors that make it ideal for cosmetic uses. Coconut oil has the property of taking solid form at temperatures below 25 degrees, thus giving stability or extra hardness to cosmetics and soaps. You can find many recipes on the internet, and if you have difficulty, do not hesitate to ask us!

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