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The exceptional properties of Bee Pollen

Unique superfood, bee pollen is a natural food supplement that bees offer us besides royal jelly and of course honey. The nutritional value of pollen is invaluable, let alone its healing properties.

Starting from the basic feature of pollen, it offers us a quick and complete recovery from diseases, stimulates the weak organism and offers energy and vitality to a stressed body. It improves athletic performance and provides enough energy and mood to cope with everyday life. At the same time it increases performance as it reduces the heartbeat causing resting conditions in the body. Due to its high nutritional value, it is a food of longevity.

It reduces the addictions. In homeopathy you will come across pollen in many cases of alternative healing. One of these is the treatment of addictions and tendencies to surrender to them again. When we talk about addictions, there may even be a tendency for excessive consumption of food, which results in a resumption from a healthy diet in our eating habits. Studies in this area are still ongoing.

It builds new, healthy blood. Both red and white blood cells are produced, which is why it is an ideal supplement for people with anemia. It also protects the heart by balancing cholesterol levels in the blood, dissolving and eliminating unnecessary fat and glucose from the blood, while being antioxidant and antithrombotic, protecting the heart from many ailments such as stroke and heart attack.

It regulates the digestive system due to the enzymes it contains. It contributes significantly to better assimilation of the nutrients contained in both pollen and the foods we consume. At the same time, pollen provides healthy flora in the digestive system, providing a boost to the immune system.

It protects against radiation and, of course, cancer cells, and appears to have a particular protection against breast cancer. Due to the significant strengthening of the immune system, pollen is a natural antibiotic and protects against infections and bacterial infections such as salmonella.

Protects against allergies, asthma & respiratory problems. For allergies, pollen should be consumed at least 6 months before the period of allergy appearance. The antioxidant action of pollen in combination with anti-inflammatory, contributes significantly to protecting the respiratory system.

It treats infertility, boosting ovarian function and ovulation frequency. Protecting the complex female reproductive system in general, pollen improves and prepares the body for a pregnancy, enhancing the uterus and the ovary. It stimulates the hormones while it is a natural aphrodisiac!

Two important properties of pollen are the contribution to weight loss as it improves metabolism and activates it, increasing the consumption of calories and preventing and protecting against developmental problems in children.

It calms the skin in cases of eczema and psoriasis and of course in milder skin conditions. It is antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, while it contains important nutrients for skin protection and regeneration of the cells.

Protects the prostate. Men who suffer from prostate hyperplasia can find relief in pollen consumption as it reduces inflammation in the body, resulting in reduced visits to the toilet. You can consume pollen and preventatively.

Ideally, pollen should be consumed in the morning with a fruit or dissolved in juice. A tablespoon is enough each morning to give the result you want.

It is important that you do not exaggerate the dosage and that it should be used for periods of 3 months with a one-month break. If you are allergic to pollen, do not eat or test, and the same is true during pregnancy and breastfeeding, of course, because there is no evidence that it is safe to eat at this time of your life. Finally, despite the fact that it is generally safe, avoid drinking if you are being treated with anticoagulants otherwise consult your doctor.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of pollen and the nutritional value of pollen!

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