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The great cosmetic uses of Mountain tea!

Mountain tea, in addition to its powerful healing properties, has some cosmetic properties that are particularly important for skin care. It is one of the distinct herbs of Greek nature, without side effects for our organism but with many and important benefits!

The antioxidant properties of mountain tea make it an ideal cosmetic to treat premature aging as it causes cell renewal. Its use as an anti-aging agent has already spread to the production of herbal and organic cosmetics, with very good results.

The detoxifying properties it offers, has bounced in creams to treat cellulite and skin problems which are related to the accumulation of toxins in the body. At the same time it cleans the skin thoroughly, allowing the nutrients to be absorbed better.

The healing properties that mountain tea has, are very useful for eliminating or improving scars on the face by old wounds or acne. Sideritis has the unique ability to induce cell renewal, so it can also be used to treat and prevent stretch marks.

In addition, the use of mountain tea in shampoos and hair creams for dull, damaged hair, even dyed hair, is ideal because of the protection, the cell renewal and the nutrition it offers!

Read more about mountain tea healing properties and the nutritional value of mountain tea!

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