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Purslane – ingredients and where to find

purslane nutritional value

Purslane is a delicious summer herb, which we see in many salads. Native to Europe, and especially in the Mediterranean, purslane appear near springs or regularly watered territories, so you’ll meet it in many summer gardens!

It is an annual or biennial creeping plant, very juicy, with round leaves, shiny and fleshy, while the flowers are small and yellow to pink. It is a small herb which does not exceed 30 cm, while the blooming takes place in late summer. Leaves are the part of the plant to collect and add raw in salads and appetizers, while larger quantities are consumed for therapeutic purposes.

Particularly beneficial herb for the body, purslane contains omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin C, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin E and magnesium. Elements very important for a smooth functioning of the body and detoxification. There are many salad recipes with purslane and it can also be added to a traditional Greek salad, and even pies.

Try adding purslane in your daily routine for a complete and nutritious diet!


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