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Wall germander characteristics

Wall germander is one of the herbs that you will find with many greek names such as white grass, spleen herb, stomach herb depending on the name given to it by region. Its Latin name is Teucrium Chamaedrys, while a close relative with the same properties is Teucrium Polium. There are many species of the same family, two of which are native to Crete and have similar properties.

The healing properties of wall germander, have long been known in ancient times, with many references from ancient Greek physicians and botanists and from neighboring countries such as Egypt and Italy.

It is a herb that thrives in barren soils, native to Southwest Asia, Europe and North Africa. Perennial, herbaceous shrub with dense fluffy foliage and flowers in pink-lilac shades, blooms in the summer months where we collect flowers and leaves for therapeutic purposes. Parnitha is an area rich in wall germander.

It has a strong aroma of camphor, bitter and spicy taste, while it contains essential oil, tannin, polyphenols, flavonoids, bitter substances and saponins.

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