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Fenugreek and cosmetics


Fenugreek is one of the herbs that has less cosmetic properties than healing. Fenugreek is one of the best herbs for treating sensitive skin with many problems related to acne and skin diseases. You will hardly find fenugreek in cosmetics, but you can use the herb as it is for the treatment of skin conditions.

There are many, especially people suffering from hormonal disorders, who have increased sebum flow and consequently increased oiliness, acne, cystic acne, irritations, freckles, acne scars. Fenugreek, either as a poultice or as an infusion in compresses, can bring spectacular results.

Effectively treats acne or individual pimples, eczema, skin irritations and blemishes on the skin. To treat all the above, the seeds and flowers of the plant are used. It is easy to create a poultice by dipping the seeds in water until they soften and beat so that they become a pulp.

Another important use of fenugreek is the poultice for the treatment of cellulite. Regular use for two months can have very pleasant results! The cause is the anti-inflammatory action of fenugreek in combination with the treatment of fluid retention.

Of course, the use for people suffering from diabetes needs caution, while it is prohibited during pregnancy, as it is a uterine stimulant!

Read more about the healing properties of fenugreek and the nutritional value of fenugreek!

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