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Ginger – Zingiber Officinale

Ginger, has many uses in both cooking and healing. It has been proven to have many properties that cover a wide range of protection and cure from several diseases.

Ginger, which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, as well as antiseptic and fungicidal action, is used to disinfect and quickly heal wounds and abrasions.

Another application of its anti-inflammatory action, in combination with the mild analgesic and heating properties of ginger, is the relief from rheumatic and muscular pains. Sprains and arthritic pain are also significantly reduced by using the ginger essential oil dissolved in an oil base for massages. Massages also relieve varicose veins and colds, muscle fatigue and osteoarthritis. Due to its heating properties, massage with essential oil increases blood circulation and offers relief to sore or cold feet, even in people with Raynaud’s syndrome. Also, bruising and swelling of the skin are treated effectively.

Beneficial for the digestive system, ginger stimulates the function of the stomach, and relieves nausea and the tendency to vomit, even when it is associated with pregnancy. Stimulating the function of the stomach, resulting in the production of gastric secretions, helps to treat indigestion, anorexia and flatulence. Ginger is especially beneficial for the digestive system, supporting proper digestion, protecting the stomach even when consuming alcohol. It treats stomach pain and constipation very effectively due to its mild laxative properties. It also stimulates the digestive system, treats bloating and it is appetizing.

The offer of ginger to our body is important, protecting the body from free radicals. It has anti-cancer properties and is a very good antioxidant for our body. The root is expectorant and antispasmodic, making it beneficial for the lungs, treating bronchitis, sinusitis, productive cough and colds. In combination with its sweating properties, it treats well feverish conditions too.

The cardiovascular system also benefits from ginger, as its consumption significantly reduces the chances of blood clots forming. Another property given to it is that of lowering cholesterol, while stimulating blood circulation.

The contribution of ginger to human health is not limited to maintaining physical health, but is also conducive to proper mental function. It stimulates mental function and sexuality, especially male. It is considered one of the best aphrodisiacs that nature offers us.

However, the use of ginger needs special attention because it can cause an allergic reaction. Pregnant or breastfeeding women must first consult a doctor, and during the first trimester of pregnancy, its consumption is not recommended. It should also not be used by children and adults who are being treated for cardiovascular disease or taking antidepressants. When there are stomach ulcers, it is forbidden to take ginger due to the stimulation it causes, while use on the skin can cause sensitivity.

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