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Linden, the collection of the herb

Linden is one of the most widely used herbs, known mainly for its soothing properties. In fact the infusion we drink is not an herb but the flower of a tree. The flowers of the linden tree are light yellow, with dark green leaves in the shape of a heart. The tree can live for centuries.

The useful part is the flower, and we will often come across buying linden flowers mixed with leaves from the same plant. It is advisable to remove the leaves before preparing the infusion, as they do not offer the beneficial properties that the flower offers. Linden is not a tree that we will rarely come across, it just is not widely known as a plant and you will hardly recognize it! But collecting and drying is easy and practical.

The collection takes place in the summer months, mainly June and July when the quality is definitely better. Depending on the use, the bark can also be collected, mainly for the preparation of medicinal tincture.

Linden, among others, contains essential oil, tannin, polyphenols, coumarins and mucous substances. The flowers are very sensitive during drying, so they need careful drying in a shady place without moisture, so as not to lose their aroma and beneficial properties!

Read more about the healing properties of linden and the cosmetic uses of linden!

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