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What are the adaptogenic herbs! Part I.

They are constantly gaining ground, and are herbs that have multiple functions but without a clear healing property, while they are usually considered aphrodisiac. Adaptogens are powerful anti-aging, which offer well-being to the human body, while having the ability to balance the various bodily functions. To be precise, an adaptogen helps the body adapt to the pressures of daily life, whether the pressure depends on the individual or external factors.

So while traditional Chinese herbal remedies are considered top herbs, why are they not preferred for consumption? because exactly these herbs do not have any specific therapeutic effect on the body. They are considered excellent for the overall strengthening and balance of the body and mind, but when you want to cure a disease or some symptoms with herbal remedies, you should resort to herbs that offer the corresponding specific action.

Adaptogenic herbs are used for longevity, which is achieved by maintaining and enhancing the elements that contribute to youth and tend to decrease over time. Some of these key elements are sexual mood, cellular vigor (youthful appearance of skin and organs), physical and mental endurance and alertness, and the body’s defenses.

Many athletes use herbal remedies to increase their athletic performance, as they are considered safe, effective and legal supplements. At the same time, most of these herbs are considered natural aphrodisiacs, through the increase of blood circulation and the balance of hormones. When the hormones are in balance and are active, the appearance of the skin is significantly improved, having a natural glow and youthfulness, while it has similar effects on the body which is in balance.

The adaptogenic herbs have a wide range of action and need daily consumption for long periods of time so that there are obvious changes. Commonly they should be included in the daily diet. An exception, whose action is immediate, is ginseng which does not need months of consumption to see results mainly in the treatment of fatigue.

Some of the adaptogenic or otherwise adaptive herbs are known worldwide and work individually or in combination. Ginseng, thistle, nettle, huang qi, licorice, ginkgo biloba, goji berry, brahmi, are a few of the herbs that are considered to be adaptogens. At the same time, there are herbs whose simultaneous consumption enhances the result and improves absorption, such as turmeric, cumin, ginger and cinnamon. While in the list of strong ingredients of longevity are specific mushrooms such as reishi, maitake and agaricus blazei.

Of course, consumption is not as easy as it seems, as it follows a whole philosophy of male and female energy, but also the proper flow of energy in the vital organs of the body. In the second part, once we understand what adaptive herbs are, we will briefly refer to the philosophy of Chinese herbal medicine and how it relates to these herbs!

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