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Wild Rose and cosmetics

The use of rose as an herb in cosmetics has been known since antiquity until today. It is not only the wonderful fragrance that makes its use necessary in cosmetics, but the many beneficial properties it provides to the skin.

More specifically, wild roses contain even more vitamins than common roses, thus providing the skin with stronger care and better results.

Wild rose, causes cell renewal and rejuvenates the skin, making it one of the best natural anti-aging. At the same time, its intense anti-wrinkle action makes the wild rose an ideal herb for mature skin, damaged, or with problems of premature aging, either from the sun or from other external factors.

The hydration it offers to the skin, is ideal for dry skin and relief from sunburn, while in combination with its healing action, it helps to eliminate broken blood vessels, scars and stretch marks. It offers nourishment to the skin and has a calming effect, soothing skin irritations, while in combination with the antiseptic action it offers, it has very good results in the mild treatment of acne.

In addition to the valuable contribution to the skin, the aroma of wild rose offers emotional calm, relaxation and balance, ingredients necessary for the care of body and mind after a long day.
Wild rose has no use restrictions, as there are no side effects. It is advisable not to use any external preparation during the day, as it has a slight photosensitivity and can cause freckles.

Read more about the healing properties of wild rose and the nutritional value of wild rose!

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