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Nettle – Urtica Dioica

nettle healing properties

Nettle is a valuable herb of the Greek countryside, whose use for medicinal and therapeutic purposes has been widespread since antiquity. As we mention in the nettle collection, this herb is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as in some ingredients that are rare and at the same time beneficial for the body, such as chlorophyll.

The properties of nettle are many and important for the proper functioning of the human body, with perhaps more important the detoxification it offers to the body and more specifically in vital organs that are difficult to detoxify, such as the liver, bile and pancreas.

Stimulates the function of the pancreas while helping to regulate the glandular system. Protects and cures jaundice, while its use helps to eliminate gallstones. The use of nettle is ideal for people who have diabetes or obesity, because it helps maintain body weight, boosts and regulates metabolism.

People suffering from nephritis, or kidney stones, can use nettle without fear, because in combination with its diuretic action and the vitamins it offers to the body, it supports the proper functioning of the kidneys, as well as its anti-inflammatory and disinfectant action, can cure urinary tract infections and help eliminate kidney stones. At the same time, nettle protects the prostate from hyperplasia, while promoting its proper functioning.

In relation to the digestive tract, nettle protects against the formation of stomach ulcers and contributes to its treatment, while its use also cures chronic diarrhea and constipation. The contribution of nettle to the respiratory system is small, and is limited to general use for relief of bronchial diseases as a mild expectorant.

The contribution of nettle to the renewal, detoxification and protection of the blood, is unique and particularly beneficial for the female body. People suffering from anemia can consume nettle without fear. It is one of the few herbs that cleanses the blood of toxins and stimulates red blood cells. Its consumption stimulates and protects the circulatory system and disinfects the blood, while in combination with its detoxifying and regulatory properties, it helps reduce uric acid, sugar and hypertension.

In the female body, it offers relief from menstrual disorders, is a natural lactogenic for breastfeeding mothers, and stops bleeding after childbirth.
External use of nettle helps relieve symptoms and helps treat arthritis, tendonitis and joint pain. It can also be used to relieve sciatica.

It has a strong healing and disinfecting effect, and as a natural hemostatic it is ideal for healing wounds and abrasions, burns and insect bites. Relieves irritated hemorrhoids and treats eczema. People with sensitive skin who suffer from allergies can use it to relieve skin conditions, and even to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis.

Nettle offers general stimulation and detoxification of the body, valuable actions to maintain health and protect organs from premature aging. Individually, it is worth noting that nettle is a natural aphrodisiac and enhances sexual function.

We can use nettle, in oil, in tincture, in decoction, and even as a poultice for external use. In cooking, it is a herb that gives a special flavor to herb pies, without losing its healing properties.

The use of nettle should not be made during pregnancy, as well as in cases of serious heart and kidney diseases, such as kidney or heart failure.

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