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Helichrysum for skin regeneration and hydration!

Helichrysum at cosmetics

Helichrysum, with its many curative properties, is ideal for skin care too! It is one of the few herbs with essential oil that has many applications for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

The essential oil can be used to make many cosmetics. It can be added to salves for tissue regeneration, local acne treatment, dark spots and wrinkles. An oil base with helichrysum essential oil is ideal for musculoskeletal pains, bruises, injuries, abrasions, skin hardness and skin conditions. In shampoo and shower gel, it protects the skin and keeps it hydrated, while in coldcreams it can create a very good anti-aging cream. The decoction can also be used in lotions.

More specifically, helichrysum is beneficial to the skin as it heals wounds and acne scars, while rapidly regenerating the skin cells, reducing scars. Of course, in the treatment of acne, the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic action of helichrysum plays an important role. The use of helichrysum reduces scars and disparities, leaving the skin smooth and uniform.

It is important to note that helichrysum, besides propolis and tea tree, is one of the most powerful antifungal agents. Not only does it protect against infections but also treats persistent fungal infections directly.

Those who love the sun despite the most harmful radiation, should be aware that helichrysum protects against sunburns, relieves and regenerates the skin that has sunburns, while protecting against the appearance of skin cancer as it blocks the absorption of UV radiation.

The great property of the helichrysum to keep the cells healthy allows the skin to be youthful, delaying the signs of aging. With the faster regeneration, dead cells are removed while healthy cells and being generated at greater frequency. Combined with its moisturizing effect, it is an important anti-aging herb!

The helichrysum essential oil does not appear to have any restrictions on use as it has very mild side effects in rare cases. You should always try the oil on a small area of ​​the skin to see if there is an allergy to the plant. It is not a toxic or irritating herb, but as an anticoagulant it should not be taken post-operatively or when you are already taking medication.

Essential oil is not recommended for internal use but only for external use, and it is important to have a good quality essential oil as it is a sensitive plant whose ingredients are easily destroyed. You can also use the essential oil in baths.

Read more about the nutritional value of helichrysum and the healing properties of helichrysum!

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