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Pomegranate cosmetic uses

Pomegranate skin benefits

The fruit of the pomegranate due to the many vitamins taht contains and the antioxidants, is one of the strongest anti-aging products od nature!It not only prevents premature aging from solar radiation and the mistreatment of the skin, but fights and free radicals, both internally and externally, offering cellular vigor and faster renewal of skin tissues.

The pomegranate juice rejuvenates the skin, and also has the ability to clean and smooth the skin by gently exfoliating it. It is excellent for hydrating the skin and smoothes wrinkles. The pomegranate is ideal both for face and body, providing the same properties and leaving a feeling of youthful and clean skin.

The glow that pomegranate gives to the skin is incomparable, while it greatly helps to prevent and eliminate freckles. Pomegranate treats effectively burns and herpes virus. The shine that pomegranate gives, is not limited to the face or the body. It is also very effective, the use of pomegranate in hair, as it smoothes and helps to avoid frizz.

Great is the efficacy of pomegranate in cases of acne, which greatly helps to restore skin and deep cleaning, while in cases of dry skin it’s a strong moisturizer, it softens even very tired body areas such as the heels.

As the best cosmetic is what we eat, pomegranate cleans and moisturizes the body effectively, it increases water retention, while the calories are very low. So don’t forget to eat fruits rich and tasty as pomegranate!

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