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Yarrow – Achillea Millefolium


The most well-known therapeutic effect of yarrow is hemostatic. In combination with its antiseptic action, it is ideal for use on bleeding wounds and open wounds that can not be closed easily. It is an herb known for this action since antiquity!

A unique healing herb!

The internal use of the herb, works as a tonic for the cardiovascular system, prevents problems of the circulatory system and works as an anticoagulant. Yarrow, fights hypertension very effectively and slows down the heart rate. It has the ability to stimulate the renewal of blood in the body, while it is important to note that it has a very strong detoxifying effect.

Yarrow is particularly beneficial in the treatment of gynecological disorders, such as irregular menstrual problems, amenorrhea, problems during menopause, vaginal infections and ovarian inflammation. Its use should be limited to the oil because the internal use of yarrow tincture has a bleeding effect by stimulating the cardiovascular system, resulting in uncontrollable bleeding during menstruation.

The strong sweating action of yarrow oil, makes it ideal for treating high or persistent fever. Also the use of the oil in colds and flu is beneficial.

Ideal for the urogenital and digestive system

Yarrow infusion has a diuretic and strong cholagogue effect. Protects against infections of the urogenital system and stimulates the secretion of gastric glands, improving digestion. In combination with its astringent properties, it balances the function of the intestine. The stimulation of the gastrointestinal system, makes it an appetizer with the result that its use is indicated in cases of anorexia.

Its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties help fight rheumatic pains, muscle aches and headaches.

Psychologically, yarrow is considered an herb useful in combating mild to moderate depression and melancholy.

Yarrow, like any herb with strong healing properties, needs special attention during use. It is definitely necessary to consult a doctor for the correct use of the herb depending on the problem. The use of the herb as well as the essential oil of yarrow, is prohibited by pregnant women, as it can cause miscarriage. Frequent use of the herb externally causes photosensitivity.

Read more about the cosmetic uses of yarrow and the nutritional value of yarrow!

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