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Aphrodisiac herbs and spices Part 1

There are herbs, spices and even foods that are considered aphrodisiac, many of which are loved and consumed for this reason since antiquity!

In Mexico it was considered cocoa, which rightfully won the title of a powerful aphrodisiac as consumption stimulates similar emotions as when we feel love or affection. The combination with wine is even better!
In ancient Egypt,
honey and royal jelly were used as aphrodisiacs to treat impotence, while in the Middle Ages they were considered a means of seduction.

Grapes and wine were considered sacred and aphrodisiac in ancient Greece! Hippocrates suggested lentils, while in the diet of the ancient Greeks there was always olive oil, garlic and onion as enhancers of sexuality. Rosemary was considered and still is considered top for male sexuality!

These foods remain the first aphrodisiac diet choices, and you will find that many of the foods, herbs and spices we mention are consumed daily!

Starting with herbs and spices, the list is endless! Lavender gives a feeling of relaxation and calm, while in combination with vanilla extract, it gives an aroma which is believed to arouse intense desire. The use is ideal for both sexes.
Cardamom, ginger, allspice, black pepper, nutmeg and mustard when added to food or wine, always sparingly, are very aphrodisiac! The same goes for cinnamon and clove which emit a seductive aroma.
While spicy spices increase heart rate and cause sweating, similar reactions occur in the body during sex. That is why cayenne pepper, tabasco, chili and curry are considered aphrodisiacs! The hotter the more aphrodisiac they are considered!

Herbs that can be made into decoctions or infusions are also very effective sex aids, such as ginseng, anise, licorice, angelica, fennel, and ginger! Fennel can be added to salads as well.

Almonds, which have always been considered a symbol of fertility, are considered ideal aphrodisiacs for women, while walnuts are also considered strong aphrodisiacs. Also try pine nuts, hazelnuts, cashews and nuts.

The wonderful but expensive saffron or crocus, is a favorite aphrodisiac since antiquity! the same goes for fenugreek, a Greek herb and just as dear for its aphrodisiac properties!

There are many herbs and spices which are not only considered, but are aphrodisiac! Learn more about herbs and spices before using them, try the ones that suit you best, delicious and aromatic, and always remember that the strongest aphrodisiac is our mind!

Read more about aphrodisiac herbs in the second part!

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