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Ginseng, Panax Ginseng

Ginseng has been considered a panacea for centuries, especially in the East where it became known for its beneficial properties. In modern times, the healing properties of this herb are now scientifically proven.

Starting on a mental level, ginseng is particularly beneficial for the healthy functioning of the brain, helping significantly in concentration, while protecting the nervous system, strengthening it due to its high content of B vitamins. It is considered an ideal supplement for people engaged in spiritual work, which tire the nervous system and cause mental fatigue. It is a natural antidepressant, promotes mental well-being and improves memory and reflexes. The use of ginseng is also ideal in times of intense stress.

Ginseng not only stimulates the mind, but also the body. It significantly increases athletic performance, especially for sports that require endurance or concentration, and is particularly beneficial in times of intense physical fatigue and even overwork. It reduces muscle pain and lactic acid in the blood while contributing to better muscle oxygenation.

In relation to the immune system, due to the many vitamins, ginseng is considered an important weapon to protect and fight viruses, infections and common colds. Its zinc content is high and important for boosting the immune system.

Another property that is given to this herb, is the aphrodisiac, as it increases the erotic mood, and is considered to be supportive for both men and women.

Consumption of ginseng, in addition, protects against anemia, as it has large amounts of iron and significantly reduces blood cholesterol levels. Ginseng is considered a very good detoxifier, while stimulating the endocrine glands. The result is the detoxification of the body, and at the same time the better absorption of vitamins by the body.

Ginseng, due to the many active ingredients it contains, needs special attention in consumption. Due to its strong stimulant action, it should not be consumed in combination with other stimulants. It can also not be consumed by people suffering from hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

It is important that it is not consumed by people with diabetes. It is considered a highly active ingredient in the fight against diabetes, so consumption by people who are already on medication is dangerous. People taking cortisone are not allowed to consume it, while women during pregnancy and women on hormone therapy are also prohibited from consuming this herb.

Ginseng is a very active herb that requires moderation in consumption for preventive purposes and doctor’s advice in consumption for therapeutic purposes.

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