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Celery – Apium Graveolens

Celery is one of the herbs that we widely use in cooking, but few of us know the really beneficial properties that characterize it. Its heavy aroma makes many people avoid it, but without taking into account the nutritional value of celery, removing it from their diet.

We start with the important contribution of celery in lowering blood pressure. An ideal herb for treating both hypertension and high cholesterol. At the same time, it has the property of increasing the secretion of uric acid. The use of celery is suitable for diabetics, while significantly strengthening the immune system. Increases metabolism and helps regulate it, while helping to eliminate toxins. Celery significantly stimulates and nourishes the tired body, while in cases of colds, it helps to treat fever.

Regarding the digestive system, celery is one of the few herbs that benefits from the stomach to the urinary system. It promotes the proper digestion of food, while at the same time it is a very good appetizer. It is anti-meteoric, while it is important to mention that it significantly stimulates the digestive organs. Celery is also considered a mild laxative and helps with proper bowel function. Regarding the urinary system, it is considered antiseptic, diuretic, while it stimulates the kidneys protecting against bladder infections, cystitis and kidney stones. It treats incontinence adequately, while additionally helping to treat and prevent gallstones.

In addition to the body, it also stimulates the spirit a lot. The use of celery is considered necessary in cases of fatigue, mental atony, nervous exhaustion and in periods of highly demanding mental work. It is a natural aphrodisiac and a mild sedative.

Celery, as a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, is used to disinfect and heal wounds, scars and bruises. Its mild analgesic effect also helps in cases of arthritis and rheumatism.

Some of the individual properties of celery are its antifungal action in poultice, the protection and complementary treatment of bronchitis, as well as the treatment of dizziness. The decoction of celery is considered ideal for the treatment of intoxication. It has been used successfully to treat bad breath, chilblains and amenorrhea. Celery shoots are considered to be lactogenic wihle breastfeeding.

Celery should not be consumed by people suffering from any type of kidney dysfunction and during pregnancy. The essential oil due to the strong healing properties, should be used for therapeutic purposes under the supervision of a specialist. Avoid using the essential oil during daytime, because it is photosensitive.

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